What is Simply Zoë

My daughter began to struggle with dry skin and eczema. At got so bad, that we had to get a prescription from her pediatrician to heal her skin. Once I obtained it ,I read the ingredients and was confused s well as concerned. I was unable to pronounce the words and didn't even know what they were. After that I began searching for all natural products, I found tat they were: expensive, in effective and still contained ingredients that I could not pronounce. I stormed out of my local store and vowed to figure out how to help my baby girl the best way possible. As a wife and mother it is my personal duty to ensure the health and safety of my family. I got into my lab (the kitchen ) and began creating Simply Zoë products


All products are homemade and handmade. They are 100% natural and safe. These products are effective while being inexpensive. Being healthy from the outside in, is the mission of Simply Zoë!

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