What did you ask me?

So I took a nap with my daughter on Saturday and woke up with a hurt foot. I kinda shook it off and kept going. Monday, it continued to hurt. My foot plus toes swelled. I ended up having to stay off of it for 4 days with the use of crutches. I asked the doctor not to put me on crutches cause it would slow down my life. She looked at me and smiled. “ That’s what you need to do in order for it to heal,” she stated.  I smiled, but could not ignore my frustration at the same time. My goodness how am I going to get anything done,” I thought. 

My bandaged, injured foot (bandage is under the sock

I get to work and so many people offered to help me and expressed sympathy. I came home and asked baby girl to do simple things to help mommy and she did it joyously. It got me thinking. Moms (and non moms) why don’t we ask for help more often? Or at all. Why do we feel we have to do it alone without any help? 

For generations people have looked upon moms to do it all and if we make one peep we are judged. All this does is create a culture of women who suffer in silence. Who fear saying anything due to wanting to avoid judgement. Screw that!! Ladies we have to ask. If momma ain’t good ain’t nobody good! So what if someone judges you for asking.  People are always asking us for stuff. “Mommy can I have a cookie? Mommy can I barrow $5? Mommy can you make me food?” My personal favorite” Up mommy. Pick me up!” Ugh no. You all go away for a second. 

Tell them to look in the mirror and judge themselves (well not the kids, lol). Do you bleed a different color because you ask for help? Are you less human? Umm no! I personally believe strong women know their weakness, know when they need help and are brace enough to ask for help. So be brave ladies!! Let’s do this. 

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