Saying Yes to Saying No

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Many times in my own life I have always been the person that someone else can rely on. I always put my own needs to the side to ensure somebody else was taken care of. That meant always saying yes to people. There was also a fear associated with telling someone No. I would be afraid they wouldn't love me anymore, they wouldn't want to be my friend anymore. They wouldn't want to be associated with me anymore or they just would me. That meant many times I kept my own feelings and emotions inside and bottled them up. This would lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices and ineffective communication. It was that fear that would cause me to always be the yes person. Although I always said yes to everyone else I constantly said No to myself. "No, you don't need that , No, you don't need free time, No, you don't get to be upset, No, you don't get to say no. " As I have matured in my life I have realized that sometimes saying no is hard but sometimes it is needed. I have to say no to other things in order to say yes to myself. You see I must put my own self first before taking care of the needs of others.  If I am not in a well space then I cannot help anyone else be in a well space. So from now on in my life I will say No to say YES to myself.   No to self doubt, No to low self esteem, No to self hate, No to being put last, No to feeling worthless, No to feeling overwhelmed, No to feeling helpless, No to fear!!  What will you say No to today in order to say Yes to yourself for the rest of your life?

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