I'm Not Ready

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Recently we have been trying to train our daughter to sleep in her own room in her own bed. It has been a failing terribly. She will wake up every hour screaming and crying for us. At one point I thought we were terrible parents and we had messed her up for the rest of her life. It wasn’t till one night we went in her room when she woke up and she grabbed onto me, holding on for de

ar life. It was at that moment that I realized as much as I was pushing her to do something that was going to benefit me, it was not benefiting her. She just simply was not ready.  Our baby girl still needed us. That got me thinking about things on a broader spectrum regarding life. Sometimes we push ourselves to do things that we are just simply not ready for or take on tasks that we are unequipped to handle. Out of pride, fear and embarrassment this will prevent us from asking for helping and or admitting we need someone to assist us so that we can be ready. This only causes a roadblock to success. We need to take time to practice more self compassion, self acceptance and self patience. By practicing self compassion and self patience, we will be able to take our time to reach the goal that we want and be able to execute it successfully. If you are not ready you simply are not ready. You have to meet yourself where you are at.  If you need help, that's ok too! Never be afraid to ask for help. Never be afraid or ashamed to say "I'm not ready."In therapy therapists are told to meet the client where they are at. Why can’t you meet yourself or you are at? Accept yourself for who you are and where you are. Just because you are at a certain place right now does not mean you will be in that same place later times on in life.  Sometimes you just simply are not ready and that is OK.

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